Chaos Company is a Semi-Realism/Casual ArmA 3 Operation Trebuchet (OPTRE) unit loosely based on the Halo universe.

Chaos Company focuses on providing a fun, well structured and organized virtual military and Halo experience to all players stretching from new comers to veterans.


Listed below are some pre-requisites to becoming a member of our team;

17 (With Waiver) 18+ Years of age.

Ability to attend at least ONE Official Operation a month

A working microphone and Teamspeak 3


Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Operations: Over time, the leaders of this unit have recognized that a singular day of the week is not compatible with all members of a community, therefore we alternate our Operations between Mondays and Saturdays and are conducted at 2000 / 8:00 PM EST to accommodate all members.

Training: Constantly Ongoing and On Demand.

Mini Ops: Occasional Mini-Operations and Special Events.